Balance & Falling

by Second Sun

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Two years in the making, 'Balance & Falling' is the second album to be released by gothic folk rock trio, Second Sun. 'Balance & Falling' is a concept album which explores the ever constant yet contrary states of being human.


released October 18, 2014



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Second Sun ACT, Australia

Second Sun is an acoustic alternative rock project emanating out of Canberra, Australia. The illegitimate love child of Canberra songwriter and musician, Aleshia Johnson, with Toby King on drums and Kyle Ramsay-Daniel on bass guitar and double bass, the band’s sound is a finely crafted brew of musical goodness with a dash of earnest pretention. ... more

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Track Name: Renegade
You’re a renegade you don’t live in boxes
You wear square rings around your fingers
You’re a tidal wave, ignore the shore line
And drown the towns if they come too close to you

You know those days when you feel like a parody of yourself
And you try to be all intellectual
But you’ve had too much wine to make any sense
And you justify yourself
Track Name: Broken English
These are my words now
They were foreign when I learnt them
But they have come to mean so much
So much

Once I would turn a phrase to signify
A world before my time
And it would fall from my senses
Into a pool of misuse and disuse

This broken English tells the story of today

These are my words now
And I’ll use them without fear
Cos fear is a whole arm’s length from here

And only a word
Spoken and heard
For free and for effect without significance
Correct without experience
And so it falls from my senses
Into a pool of misuse and disuse

This broken English tells the story of today
Track Name: Fabric
The day sparkles like a new dress in a magazine
And you stumble out of bed feeling half asleep and so unclean
Your thoughts fall like glass beads onto the hardwood floor
And you begin with your needle to string them back together
For the sake of another day

Someone is calling you pretend not to hear her
And the sound of reproach ambles nearer and nearer
You think you can see yourself staring back from the mirror

And you see the social fabric like one big woollen blanket that everybody’s under except you
And you try to lift a corner but they don’t want you so they pin it tighter to the ground

Baby girl your hair is dirty and your eyes are water
You look like you’ve lost the big one
And I wonder if I can reach you from all the way over here
Tell you you make me feel sad too

And you see the social fabric like individual jackets woven out of lead
And everybody’s wearing one but no one will address it because no one can undress

Maybe we should undress our words
Stop talking in rhyme and riddles
Stop talking through wine or other things in the middle
And give me something real

When yesterday’s man is someone that you wouldn’t want to know today
Begin with your needle to string us back to string us back together
And give me something real
Track Name: Eagle
The eagle and the corrupted man
Looking down with the same powerful gaze
One innocent, one sinister
Made from the same flesh and bone

The eagle and the corrupted man
One works late in the office attending a lowly office boy
He doesn’t flinch
While the other is flying high above the same
Sky-scraping city
Seeking prey for different reasons

Oh, made of the same flesh and bone

The eagle and the corrupted man
One holds the other in his hand and squeezes
almost too tight
He feels the other’s muscles flinching
Feels his feathered heart beating
And at once he knows his power
Both supreme and fleeting

The eagle and the corrupted man
One sits on a perch in a cage of his own making
While the other is flying high above the same
sky-scraping city
Track Name: Stumble Unsteady
Try and you might succeed sometimes
Stay upright and be alright
But at times you will hang by a thread
Your arms will strain and shake
Your head will spin and ache
You will stumble unsteady
And you will let go and you will fall
You will have no choice

Just a muscle reacting just a hand losing traction
You will lose your level spirit and trying hard to hear it
You will let go and you will fall

At times you will regain your momentum in a single direction
And your grace will be your own
Not the awkward fumbled motion of a moment ago
Or the self-conscious gesture of nervousness
But the measured reaction
Of one who knows they are respected
Of one who knows they won’t fall

They won’t stumble unsteady
And your grace will be your own

Sometimes you need to be one thing at a time
Less is more, more or less
Track Name: Solitaire
My arms outstretched I thought that if I ran in the direction of the wind I would fly
And the only reason people didn’t is they didn’t believe enough to try
You said to me when I get older I will learn the limits of the mind
Playing solitaire in your hospital dress I understand what you meant
You ask me where we are again I understand

In the painting of our house the roof is new and you can’t see the mess inside
You can’t hear the people laugh the children play, you can’t see the place I used to hide
But you can see the whole city through this seventh storey window
Starting with a car park and ending with the hills
Playing solitaire in your hospital dress I understand

My arms outstretched I think that if I fall from the top of this building
I will catch the wind and I will fly
This gravel road seems so familiar even from the windows of my city car
They say coming home it’s just like riding a bike
You never forget
Track Name: King & Queen
Test us again
See if we can take it
It’s been too long without air
But I think we might make it

Try me again
And I will have the answers yet again
Holding off the inevitable spin
Holding off the inevitable trouble we’re in

When we decide it’s time to give up
And our house of cards falls down
Then we can start again with two
The King and Queen
And build the rest around

Ask me again
And I will say it’s alright
We can only go up from here
The army’s gone but we can still fight

Count to ten
And see what we have left of ourselves
And if our sleeves are empty we will confess
That we have tried but we are tested
Track Name: Bleeding Through
Take off your makeup and costume
Together or nothing from here
Today we will make ourselves worthy

Undress your lies
Undress you’re bleeding through

Forget your history it’s a bad dream
In the middle of nowhere you’re pure
And the riddle of why we are breathing
Is written in these words
If you keep reading

You don’t know what you are

Two of us here one turning water into wine
And one looking in the mirror trying to get nearer to herself
And the day when we are all on the floor when we are so unclean
We’ll be here painted in this magazine
Track Name: Lack the Will
Your hands are cold and moulded open but I hold them anyway
And if I was smaller I would come to your house and we would play
And I wouldn’t care if the rooms only had three walls
And I wouldn’t care if we were on display

This is beauty to me

I see right through your glass eyes I see right through your elementary gaze
And I know you can’t hear through those plastic ears but I, I tell you anyway
You lack the will to understand
Do I explain it again?
You lack the will to understand
Track Name: Reprisail
Our circular world makes for a wonderful conclusion
Makes for a wonderful return
To an early idea where ‘love and beauty’ was an ultimate good
And mediocrity was a kind of hell

And shadows on the walls
Were reflections of ourselves
Unable to behold anything more

Born as a poet of grandeur and ideals
With a brush dipped in the sky
And an eye for the spirit and its demise
Of small men there are no words
Only shadows on the walls

Born again into a different world
Where music finds a voice
Speaks of all there has ever been
Speaks of truth and being whole
Nurtures and uplifts the soul

The prophet’s voice is louder than before
He screams so urgently
He is dissatisfied with the ways of the collective mind
He sees himself as further and further from his brothers
And he watches as they fumble their way, unable to understand
The simplest of enlightened moments, the simplest of confused emotions
And in this minute of unknowing they are taken from his reach by another less fortunate soul
Torn away from any opportunity for seeing more than shadows on the wall